Hing Chao

Hing is a researcher in martial studies, specialising in the social and cultural history of Southern Chinese martial arts, and a practitioner of several classical Chinese martial arts including Tongbei, Hung Kuen and Fujian Yongchun White Crane. He is a pioneer and activist in documenting and preserving traditional Chinese martial arts, having initiated multiple ground-breaking research initiatives such as Journal of Chinese Martial Studies, Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive, Hong Kong Martial Arts General Survey, etc.

He is the co-founder and executive director of International Guoshu Association, to date the only research-focused martial arts organisation in Hong Kong. He is the vice-president of Lam Sai Wing Hung Kuen Research Society, and the founding chairman of Hakka Kung Fu Culture Research Society.

Today, the Hung Kuen system is mainly represented by the “Fu Hok style” (Tiger and Crane Style) created by Wong Fei Hung in the second half of the 19th century. His student Lam Sai Wing and the Lam family lineage are largely responsible for popularising Hung Kuen during the 20th century.